Semantic measurement by Qwarry

To explore the semantic impact of your advertising campaigns

Semantic measurement facilitates the understanding of the distribution context in which your programmatic campaigns are aired, as well as their effectiveness. It offers the only efficient and interoperable method on inventories to analyze performance without relying on personal data or cookies, especially given the obsolescence of historical indicators.

By harnessing semantic analysis, advertisers can gain valuable insights into the contextual relevance and impact of their campaigns, enabling informed decision-making and optimization strategies.

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Established Facts

50% of inventories are no longer reachable through user data

Brands must comprehend the content on which their campaigns are being displayed.

The solution

Utilizing content-based analysis enables the unified measurement of your performance

Reveal is a semantic analysis platform empowering advertisers to gain deeper insights into the context surrounding their campaign delivery. Through Reveal, advertisers can pinpoint exposed contextual audiences, identify top-performing websites, and uncover opportunities for enhancing or extending their campaigns. Importantly, Reveal also ensures that brands avoid association with controversial content or websites, safeguarding their reputation and integrity.

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The technology

With Qwarry's analytics platform, explore the semantic impact of your campaigns.


Explore the semantic impact of your campaigns

Understand the contexts in which your ads appear

Explore the semantic profiles your ads have engaged with

Maximize  the effectiveness of your advertising investments with a real-time dashboard.

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From analytics to activation

Target your audiences in the most accurately identified contexts

Enhance advertising effectiveness and extend reach with our advanced deep learning solution

Why Reveal?

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the platform
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Analyze across
over 400  
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reach by more than

Does Qwarry's semantic measurement take into account personal data or cookies? What is the data flow of Qwarry's semantic measurement, from collection to analysis, in detail?

Qwarry's semantic measurement methodology is meticulously crafted to uphold user privacy standards, abstaining from the collection of personal data or the utilization of cookies. Instead, it relies on an image or script tracking pixel seamlessly embedded within ads. Upon loading, this pixel captures the URL of the webpage displaying the ad. These URLs are subsequently compiled and logged into the Reveal dashboard.

The flow of Qwarry's semantic measurement data commences with the collection of URLs each time the pixel is embedded in an ad, ensuring anonymity and omitting any personal user information. Following collection, the URLs are aggregated and scrutinized within the REVEAL dashboard. This analysis entails deciphering the semantic context, relevance, and sentiment of the content featured on the web pages where the ads were showcased.

Such analysis yields invaluable insights into the efficacy of online advertising campaigns, facilitating the establishment of a semantic media plan tailored to them.

Is Qwarry's semantic measurement compatible with other online advertising tracking tools?

Yes, Qwarry's semantic measurement is designed to seamlessly integrate with other online advertising tracking tools. The REVEAL pixel, responsible for collecting URLs to gauge the semantic delivery of ads, can be effortlessly integrated into any DSP (Demand-Side Platform), thereby enriching your campaign tracking data with valuable semantic insights.

Moreover, the REVEAL pixel is also compatible with all advertising campaign management tools, including Campaign Manager 360. This versatility empowers you to leverage your preferred tools while harnessing the comprehensive semantic analysis provided by Qwarry. Whether you utilize a specific DSP or an advertising campaign management tool, we ensure that our semantic measurement solution seamlessly integrates to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns.

How complex is it to use semantic measurement by Qwarry?

Qwarry's utilization of semantic measurement is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you throughout the entire process. It begins with seamlessly integrating the semantic pixel into your ads, enabling the collection of URLs to assess the semantic distribution of your campaigns. Subsequently, these URLs are gathered, aggregated, and analyzed within the REVEAL dashboard, providing you with insights into campaign performance based on semantic context.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, our objective is to streamline the process for you. We're dedicated to helping you optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns by leveraging semantic data to enhance the relevance of your online ads.