Semantic Targeting
by Qwarry

Improve the effectiveness of your programmatic campaigns and explore semantic targeting, the pinnacle of contextual targeting.

Our technology stands out by analyzing a multitude of elements to capture the essence and content of a webpage, allowing for more relevant and accurate ad placements, all without the need for cookies or personal data.

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The solution

An approach focused on content rather than user data

Qwarry delivers targeted ads at the most opportune moments when your audience is highly engaged, utilizing semantic categories, all without relying on personal data or cookies.

Qwarry technology

Using ML and AI, we generate the most efficient and effective segments possible

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In-house learning model

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A unique semantic model classification

Library of +400 semantic models

in 25+ languages

30+ unique buyer personae

enhanced with 100% cookieless age and gender data


Activate semantic targeting for your programmatic campaigns

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Leverage display and video ad formats

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Run your campaigns in a 100% brandsafe and brandsuitable media environment

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Analyze your campaign results in real time and build your exclusive contextual audience


Increase the effectiveness of your programmatic campaigns


Improve the impact of your brand and products


Generate engagement and interest among your audiences


Boost purchase intent and drive traffic to your website

Working with us

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Target more precisely
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Increase your brand image
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Up to 80% more reach
2 simple solutions

How use our semantic targeting?


Qwarry buys and optimizes media on premium publishers using our proprietary segmentation

Real-time analysis and optimization

Semantic analysis and reporting of your media plans.


We provide you with our semantic segmentation for you to use on any DSP

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How do I start using Qwary's semantic targeting for my advertising campaigns?

Getting started with Qwary's semantic targeting is a simple process. You can initiate the process by reaching out to us to discuss your specific online advertising requirements. We'll collaborate with you to seamlessly integrate our semantic targeting solutions into your existing advertising strategy. Our team of specialists will provide guidance throughout, from the initial setup to continually optimizing your campaigns. Leveraging our advanced technology, you'll be empowered to deliver more pertinent ads and effectively engage with your target audience.

Activating Qwarry's semantic targeting offers several tailored options to suit your preferences. You can opt to entrust your advertising budgets to us, whereby we'll handle everything, including integration and campaign optimization. Alternatively, you can request pre-filtered deals with semantic targeting directly sent to your preferred DSP headquarters. This ensures access to inventory from major advertising platforms, ensuring your ads are displayed in pertinent editorial contexts.

For those seeking more autonomy, you can directly activate Qwarry data in the data marketplaces of our DSP partners like Microsoft Ads and Active Agent, as well as in SSPs like Microsoft Ads, Pubmatic, and Equativ. This approach enables you to independently create campaigns while leveraging Qwarry's expertise in semantic targeting.

Whichever option you choose, our team of experts is committed to supporting you throughout the process, ensuring the utmost effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

How does Qwarry collect semantic data for targeting?

Qwarry harnesses cutting-edge technology for semantic data collection, leveraging real-time content analysis. Our platform meticulously examines the text, images, and other contextual elements of web pages obtained from URLs. It's crucial to highlight that our DSP (Demand-Side Platforms) and SSP (Supply-Side Platforms) partners furnish us with the URLs devoid of sharing any private data, cookies, or identifiers. This data collection method prioritizes user privacy and adheres to privacy regulations while furnishing high-quality data to fuel our semantic targeting tools.

What is semantic targeting and how is it different from contextual targeting?

Semantic targeting represents an advanced methodology in online marketing, focusing on audience targeting based on the meaning and sentiment of the content they encounter. Distinguished from contextual targeting, which primarily relies on keywords or content categories, semantic targeting employs natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms to delve deeper into contextual analysis, comprehending the meaning and sentiment of texts. This enables advertisers to ensure that their ads are showcased in pertinent editorial contexts, thereby enhancing the relevance and efficacy of their campaigns.